Urologist serving North Houston, The Woodlands, Conroe
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Urologist serving North Houston, The Woodlands, Conroe
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Robotic Surgery

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da Vinci overcomes the limitations of both traditional open surgery and conventional minimally invasive surgery.

The da VinciTM Surgical System is a robotic surgical system consisting of three main components:

The InSiteTM Vision System which provides the surgeon with a true minimally invasive 3-D view of the surgical field.

The Surgical Cart that includes the EndoWristTM Instruments. The EndoWrist Instruments are designed to mimic the movement of the human hands, wrists and fingers.

The Surgeon Console which contains the master controls that the surgeon uses to manipulate the EndoWrist Instruments

Please feel free to contact Dr. Tharian about robotic surgery at 936.647.2184 to schedule an appointment at either of her locations. In addition, if your are seeking additional information regarding items you have seen on this website, please contact Dr. Tharian's office or re-visit this website for regular updates and new information.


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